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Bullet Planters by Hip Haven

I am sure you all have heard of Hip Haven’s bullet planters (and probably have one or two), but I wanted to dedicate a page on them. There is already a post about bullet planters, but no mention about Hip Haven there. After posting it, I received an email from Kelly Sandidge, the owner of Hip Haven, Inc. with more information on the present-day bullet planters. I thought I’d share it with fellow mid-century modern lovers.

Short Bullet Planter in Rattan

In the previous post about bullet planters, I shared the story about the origin of the bullet planters I read on Design Within Reach website. In the post, I said, “The original bullet planters were manufactured by several different manufacturers in the 1950s including the Kimball Mfg. Corp of San Francisco. However, none of the manufacturers trademarked the design. Thus, the designer had never been identified. Design Within Reach shares a theory that when a man brought home a molded fiberglass conical used as satellite dish his company made, his wife suggested to use it as a planter. Nobody can confirm this story, but it’s interesting.” The information to this story was actually given to DWR by Kelly (Hip Haven supplies DWR). The story was shared with her by an older gentleman who saw the article on her company (Hip Haven) in the San Francisco Chronicle and told her what he knew about bullet planters. Kelly recalls, “Of course, it could just be one of many instances where a parabolic bowl was placed in a tripod stand and used as a planter and might not have been the original source of the idea, but I thought it was a neat story so I passed it along.”

Love them all!

Austin, Texas based Hip Haven, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of the present-day bullet planters since 2002. Their planters are made in the exact same manner as the mid-century ones, with some improvements in the UV-resistance of the pigments, and a much broader color palette (16 in all, including rattan). The bowls are made from durable, compression-molded fiberglass with integral pigment and the tripod stands are made of powder-coated steel. There are three choices in height of the stands (short – 16”, med – 23”, tall – 30”). The price varies, usually running from $145 to $160, depending on the height of the stand. Visit Hip Haven website for more information. Also be sure to “Like” Hip Haven on their Facebook page – they post a discount coupon code time to time on their wall.

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