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Crestview Doors: Austin, Texas

Updating the front door of our 1955 mid-century modern home is on the top of our “must do (?)” list. We have been eyeing either a doorlite kit or door from Crestview Doors for years. We had an opportunity to visit the warehouse in Austin, Texas to see their products in person. We were greeted by Melodye, General & Accounting Manager. She was very kind, friendly and knowledgeable. We were very happy that all our questions were answered and able to gain a lot of information about their products.

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Crestview Doors offer a variety of affordable, yet high quality products including doors, screen doors, and mod millwork inspired by mid-century and modern architecture/design. This Austin based company was started by David and Christinane Erwin in 2006. When the couple was remodeling their 1951 cottage, they couldn’t find a period appropriate front door. They made a replica by measuring one of their neighbor’s doors – Their effort was successfully turned into a business. Their product line is based on through research to represent authentic mid-century modern design.

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There are some changes to the product line effective July of 2013. Crestview Doors no longer offers Doorlite Kits, which was aimed for a do-it-yourselfers who are looking for an affordable mid-century modern door. The company temporary discontinued the production of Doorlite Kits to focus more on creating premium hand-crafted custom door and millwork products.

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We were able to browse through their production area and see some of their doors. We were amazed by the quality and excellent craftsmanship of their doors. We were also able to see some finished doors with various stain colors. We always thought we would just paint our new door, but after seeing the stain options, we may go with the stain.

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Special thanks to Melodye at Crestview Doors – we really appreciate your kindness and information!

Company Information:
Crestview Doors, Inc.
Address: 501 W Powell Lane, Suite 204, Austin, TX 78753
Phone: 866-454-6302
Fax: 866-454-6470
Email: info@crestviewdoors.com
Website: http://www.crestviewdoors.com

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