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Eames and Girard Bearbricks

Eames Be@rbricks

Eames Be@rbricks

Be@abrick (Bearbrick) is a bear-shaped collectible figure created by a Japanese company called MediCom Toy Inc. It is a variation of Kubrick figures, also by created the same company. The figure was first introduced in 2001 as a freebie to visitors of the World Character Convention 12. Since then, Medicom Toy has released numerous Be@rbrick in different designs, sizes and materials. As far as mid century modern designs in Be@rbricks go, Medicom Toy has released Eames and Alexander Girard designs so far.


Alexander Girard International Love Heart 1000%

Alexander Girard, International Love Heart 1000%

The figure is basically a plastic bear with a big head, pot belly and short legs – I don’t know how else to describe it. Each figure consists of nine parts: head, torso, arms, hands, hips and legs. Each part is movable, so you can shape it however you want (to a certain point, of course). The standard size is seven centimeters high, which referred to as “100%.” Some other available sizes are: 50% (four centimeters high), 70% (five centimeters high), 400% (28 centimeters high) and 1000% (70 centimeters high).


Be@rbricks are most often released in “series.” Each series features 18 figures in 10 different themes. Each theme has names and the percentage of getting a certain theme varies: Basic, Cute, Jellybean, Pattern, Flag, Horror, SF, Animal, Artist and Secret Artist. They are sold individually packed in small boxes. The box does not indicate which figure is included, so you do not know what is inside until you open the box. The frequency of the figures vary theme to theme, “Basic” being the most frequent (14.58%)and “Secret” being the least frequent (1.04%). Each box costs 380 yen that is about a little less than 4 US dollars. Medicom Toy also releases Be@rbrick figures outside of the “series” by collaborating with various companies and artists around the world.


Alexander Girard Love Heart Be@rbricks 100% and 400%

Alexander Girard, Love Heart Be@rbricks 100% and 400%

Below is a list of Be@rbrick figures that are related to mid century modern:

  • Series 9, “Pattern” – a figure features the Eames textile pattern in yellow
  • Series 9, “Artist” – a figure features the Eames textile pattern in red
  • Series 9, “Artist Secret” – a figure features the Eames textiles pattern in black
  • Series 17, “Artist” – a figure features Alexander Girard design
  • Series 17, “Artist Secret” – a figure features Alexander Girard design
  • Eames Be@rbricks in a wooden box – collaboration with Eames Office
  • Alexander Girard “Stars” – collaboration with Stitch
  • Alexander Girard “Love Heart” – collaboration with Stitch
  • Alexander Girard “International Love Heart” collaboration with Stitch
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