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Following the Footsteps of Julius Shulman: Oklahoma Modernism

The day we had been waiting for finally came. We drove 150 miles to join Oklahoma Modernism Architecture Tour, sponsored by Oklahoma City Museum of Art (OKCMOA) and Modern Wealth Management. The tour was one of the events conducted in conjunction of the exhibit “Julius Shulman: Oklahoma Modernism Rediscovered” at the OKCMOA, running from April 30, 2009 through June 7, 2009.


The tour featured five Oklahoma City area modern commercial/residencial buildings Julius Shulman photographed during the years he worked in Oklahoma between the 1950’s and 1960’s. The tour destinations included St. Luke’s Methodist Church, State Capital Bank (now Arvest Bank), McConnell Residence, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, and the Bavinger House. Although the weather wasn’t very pretty this day, about 60 people showed up to appreciate these five sites inside and out. We were also able to catch a quick glimpse of a couple of extra buildings, the Founder’s Bank (now Bank of America) and the Prairie Chicken House.


Here are some basic information of the buildings we visited. I will follow up with more stories and pictures in future posts.

St. Luke's Methodist Church
St. Luke’s Methodist Church
Location: 222 NW 15th Street, OKlahoma City
Designed by: Truett H. Coston of Coston Frankfurt Short (now Frankfurt Short Bruza), 1956
Website: http://www.stlukesokc.org/

State Capital Bank
State Capital Bank (now Arvest Bank)
Location: 3900 North Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK
Designed by: Robert Roloff, 1964



McConnell Residence
McConnell Residence
Designed by: George Seminoff




St. Patrick's Catholic Church
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
Location: 2121 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK
Designed by: Murray Jones Murray, 1962
Website: http://www.stpatrickokc.org/


The Bavinger House
The Bavinger House
Location: 730 60th Ave. NE, Norman, OK
Designed by: Bruce Goff, 1950-1955
Website: http://www.thebavingerhouse.org/



Special thanks to: The OKCMOA crew for organizing a wonderful/educational tour and the management/owners of the buildings and homes for sharing your treasure.

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