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Lighting Up With Rejuvenation’s Mid Century Modern Collection

I have always admired Rejuvenation’s mid-century modern collection since its introduction. Rejuvenation is America’s leading manufacturer of period-authentic lighting and house parts. The company started as an architectural salvage shop in 1977 by Jim Kelly. All of their lighting is assembled and finished in Portland, Oregon with as many as American-made parts as possible. My entire house is in a desperate need of new light fixtures. This is a great opportunity to treat myself with my dream light fixtures from the company I adore!

Gemini Lights

I found Rejuvenation’s website very user friendly. Depends on the product, you can choose finish, color, shade, length, socket, switch, etc. You can see a computerized image of the product as you customize, which gives you a visualization of the final product. I enjoyed playing with this configuration function. It helped me quite bit to decide what to order.

These Gotta Go!

For now, I purchased fixtures for the areas that needed the most – three bedrooms and the hallway. I picked Rejuvenation’s “Donald” for the master bedroom, “Aloha” for two smaller bedrooms and “Spektr” for the hallway.

Rejuvenation MCM Wall Lights

“Donald” features two perforated rocket-nosed cones that swivel and can be pointed to where I need the light. There are 12 finishes to choose from – I chose “brushed nickel” finish to complement other hardware in my bedroom – pulls of my Paul McCobb dresser and hairpin legs of my bed. I love how the Donald shines at night, giving sparkly starlight around the cones.

Donald Installed!

“Aloha” is basically the same as “Donald” except it only has a single cone. We bought two Aloha fixtures for two smaller bedrooms.

Aloha in Office

Choosing the fixtures for the hallway was a no brainer. I’ve always dreamed of having these iconic hourglass shaped sconces for my future hallway. Rejuvenation’s handcrafted “Specktr” was just perfect choice for me – It is based on the 1959 Stockholm series manufactured by EJS. Four hand-applied finishes are available – I chose “brushed aluminum” finish.

My bedroom walls and hallway look so much better I couldn’t be any happier. I can’t wait to replace the rest of light fixtures with more Rejuvenation’s amazing mid-century modern light fixture collection.

Special thanks to Nicole @ Rejuvenation

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