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Metal Art Sculpture by Steve Cambronne

Steve Cambronne Metal Art Sculpture

Steve Cambronne Metal Art Sculpture

I recently updated my front porch and was in a market for a mid century modern inspired decorative art of some sort for my porch wall. I was flipping through the pages of Atomic Ranch magazine and found an ad for Steve Cambronne’s metal art sculpture. I visited his website and found many fantastic mid century modern, retro, googie inspired metal art sculptures featuring many colors and shapes such as boomerang, sputnik and circle. I ordered a welcome art sculpture shown above. Steve was showing the piece at art shows in Louisville and Cleveland, so he saved it for me. The item arrived promptly as promised after he got back from the show in Cleveland. I loved it very very much.


Steve offers many different types of metal art sculptures such as clocks, welcome art, kitchen art, and bar art. If you find the sculpture that is not in the right dimensions or colors, he can design your a sculpture to fit your needs. All shapes are individual overlaid pieces of steel to create multi-dimensional metal art sculpture. His design is very original and the craftsmanship is high quality. Steve also does commercial work like business metal signs/logos and school mascot logos. Check out the entire selection of Steve’s sculptures at www.stevecambronne.com.

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  1. Atomic Livinon 31 Aug 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I met Steve Cambronne at the Denver Modernism Show this past weekend and I’ve got to say that EVERYTHING he makes is a “got-to-have-it” piece!!

    His website is chock-full of the most delightful retro, googie, mid-century modern art that I’ve seen anywhere.

    Now…the only trouble is in deciding which pieces to buy…!

    Steve’s a great guy who gives wonderful customer service. You won’t be disappointed!~

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