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Mid Century Modern Doors By Crestview Doors

Choosing a front door that will complement your mid century modern/ranch style home can be difficult – especially if you are looking locally. Crestview Doors make everything much easier for those who are in a market for a perfect mid century modern doors.

A door like this can be yours...

Crestview Doors offer a variety of affordable, yet high quality products including Doorlite kits (vision inserts) and mod millwork inspired by mid century modern architecture. This Austin-based company was started by David and Christinane Erwin in 2006. When the couple was remodeling their 1951 cottage, they couldn’t find a period appropriate front door. They made a replica by measuring one of their neighbor’s doors – Their effort was successfully turned into a business. Their product line is based on through research to represent authentic mid century modern design.

Mod Millwork

The Doorlite kit is an ideal choice for a do-it-yourselfers who are looking for an affordable mid century modern door. The kit adds windows to any flush interior or exterior door for a mid century look and feel by simply cutting holes in the door and applying the new windows in the layout of your choice. With over 50 design choices, you will be able to find the right door to match your mid century modern home.

Doorlite kit installation

Crestview Doors also offer sidelights and transoms to compliment your Doorlight kit order. Sidelights and transoms are either “sash,” meaning that the glass has been installed into a unit that matches the door and installs much like a stationary door or is attached to the entire entry system to comprise a single unit, or they are “direct-set,” meaning that the glass is installed into a frame made of jamb material and is installed directly between two studs. Most mid century modern homes have direct-set sidelights.

House Numbers

Their website has many other informative videos, articles and how-to’s as well. So, check Crestview Doors’ website – even if you are not looking for a mid century modern door! Be sure to check out the house numbers, too.

Company Information
Crestview Doors, Inc
Address: 501 W Powell Lane, Suite 204, Austin, TX 78753
Phone: 866-454-6302
Fax: 866-454-6470
Email: info@crestviewdoors.com
Website: http://www.crestviewdoors.com

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