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A mid century modern home to match with your décor:

Mid Century Modern Home

Mid Century Modern Home

Owning a mid century modern home can be an ultimate dream for many mid century modern enthusiasts. Who would not want a house that matches with the mid century modern furniture and decorative items after all? Today (even with the gloomy housing market) mid century modern homes are in high demand in many parts of the country with a growing number of mid century modern enthusiasts. So, what exactly are the mid century modern homes? Where can you find them?

Mid century modern homes can be found all over the country. If you a driving through a neighborhood, you are more likely to see a few. There may even be an entire neighborhood of mid century modern homes in your area. Typical mid century modern homes are easily distinguishable from other homes with their clean lines, flat or angled roofs and plenty of windows.

Inside the mid century modern home:

Mid Century Home Interior

Mid Century Home Interior

Standard mid century homes were built using exposed structural supports such as posts and beams. The posts supported beams that carried the roof load, also enabled the use of exterior glass panels and less interior support walls. Having the glass panel walls brought the outside in and less support walls opened up the interior space. The living, dining, and kitchen areas were usually situated in this open space, often with a vaulted ceiling. They were typically sited near the back of the house with an easy access for a backyard patio or atrium that was used for relaxing or entertaining.

Built-in Shelves

Mid Century Home Built-in Shelves

Many homes also featured built-in shelving units. They had a dual purpose – to separate a space that lacked walls and create more space by eliminating the need for free standing furniture. When there was no build-ins, the positioning of furnishings, such as furniture, floor coverings, and sculptural objects played an important role to divide the home into separate living spaces. Furniture and household accessories were designed to integrate the structure of the typical mid century modern home to create a space as a harmonious whole. The entire space was stylish, functional, and comfortable. The open floor plan successfully united all family members in the same room.

Mid century modern homes were built to last with natural materials such as wood, stone, brick, tile, plaster and cork. The new materials and technology such as Formica, drywall, aluminum windows, and cement slab foundations were also introduced as well. Even with the built-to-last materials, it may be difficult to find a mid century modern home in its original condition today. For such a rare find, it would be an ideal to preserve it for next generation. It is also a good idea to buy a mid century modern home and give it appropriate renovations and decorating it with inspiring furnishings.

Photo Credits:
Mid Century Modern Home by Jennifer Remias
Mid Century Modern Home Interior by m.bibelot
Mid Century Modern Home Built-in Shelves by m.bibelot

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