Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern

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photo by m.bibelot

photo by m.bibelot

What is Mid Century Modern?
Mid century modern is a design style of architecture, décor, and product that emerged post World War II and continued its development until the mid 1960s. The mid century modern design style is characterized by its clean lines, minimalism, and organic/geometric shapes.

It’s not all about style:
Functionality is also an important aspect of mid century modern designs with a target of the modernism movement mainly being the average American families of the post war era. Thus, the designers of this era not only created a sleek and clean style, but also focused on keeping functionality in their minds to fulfill the needs of the average American families. For example, the fiberglass shell chairs designed by Charles Eames were stackable, easily cleaned, and their legs were interchangeable yet they remained stylish and streamlined.

Mid century modern architectural style:

Case Study House

Case Study House

Typical mid century modern architecture has clean line style and is easily distinguishable from other buildings. The structure built during mid century era has a clean line, open floor-plans, flat or angled roofs and plenty of windows. Use of post and beam opened up interior spaces by eliminating bulky support walls in favor of glass walls and brought the outdoors inside. This architectural style was successfully brought into America’s post war suburbs in the form of subdivision tract homes, giving families fresh start from the glooming wartime sacrifices.

Mid century modern is timeless:
Mid century modern designs flourished in the United States, as well as in Europe, especially in Scandinavia. The sleek, stylish and functional mid century designs are now often referred to as “retro,” “mod,” “Danish modern,” and “Eames era style,” and remain popular to this day. Examples of iconic mid century designers include Harry Bertoia, Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Isamu Noguchi, and Eero Saarinen and their appealing designs are still being manufactured and sold by companies like Herman Miller, Vitra and Kartell.

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