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Mid Century Modern Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams

Last summer, we had to completely remodel a small 3/4 bath in our bedroom due to water damage. We had to pull carpet as well – the bonus was that we uncovered a hardwood floor underneath. Who would’ve thought having a hardwood floor in the bedroom that used to be a garage! I immediately called the floor guy who refinished our living room several years ago to refinish the floor. The bathroom and floor being redone, it was finally a time to redecorate the bedroom. This was the only room in the house that was untouched since the purchase in 2001, other than changing the light fixture and hanging new curtains a few years ago.

First thing first, I needed to pick a new wall paint color. My usual course is to visit a local home improvement center and stand in front of bazillion color samples with fancy names for a few hours. This time I visited a Sherwin Williams store instead. I was glad I did – they had a series of color palette called “Suburban Modern.” The brochure reads “Your future is bright. With clear, cheerful colors the 1950’s exhibited a new American outlook. The exuberance showed up on the walls as striking shades like Chartreuse and organic shapes like boomerangs. Whether you just feel nostalgia for those optimistic days, or you want to recreate the period in exacting detail, our Suburban palette provides the hues you desire.”

Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Interior Palette

Suburban Modern Brochure Front

Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Interior Colors

Suburban Modern Brochure Back

The brochure for interior paint offered 10 color choices with possible matching palettes (wall, trim, and accent) suggestion. How convenient! I wanted the colors that match with my bed spread, so I picked “Chartreuse” for wall and “Classic French Gray” for accent. I painted the entire room in Chartreuse and a wide border going across two walls. There are some imperfections on the wall from the previous owner I couldn’t fix, but I love how it turned out so far. I am planning to build a new bed and two night stands. I will follow up with my progress in a future post.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

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