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Norman Cherner and The Cherner Chair Company

Founded in 1999, the Cherner Chair Company has brought back into production Norman Cherner’s iconic mid century designs. The company reissues Norman Cherner’s molded plywood chairs, stools and tables using the original drawings and molds with the same attention to detail seen in the original handmade classics.

Cherner Armchair

Norman Cherner (1920 – 1987) was best known for his furniture design using molded plywood. His work also included prefabricated housing, graphics, glassware and lighting. Norman studied and taught at the Columbia University Fine Arts Department. From 1947 to 1949, he was an instructor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Chairs (designed by Norman Cherner) and table (designed by Benjamin Cherner)

Originally designed for Plycraft in 1958, the molded plywood “Cherner Chair” became Norman Cherner’s most recognized design. Production of The molded plywood seating line for Plycraft continued until the early 1970s. Norman Cherner’s seating was rarely seen for almost 20 years until the Cherner Chair Company was formed in 1999.

In addition to Norman Cherner design, the Cherner Chair Company manufactures products designed by Benjamin Cherner as well. Benjamin Cherner is the son of Norman Cherner and the founder of the Cherner Chair Company. He is a registered architect in New York and Connecticut and a head of the design studio called Chernerdesign.

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