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Paul McCobb

Paul McCobb Planner Group Credenza

Paul McCobb Planner Group Credenza

Paul McCobb (1917 – 1969), furniture designer and decorator, contributed in bringing modular furniture into American household. Though he did not have any formal training in design, he established a studio in 1945 and worked as a decorator and display designer in retail industry.

By 1950, he began designing furniture and launched his stylish, yet affordable line of furniture collection called Planner Group. The Planner Group collection was one of the best selling 1950’s furniture collections. Although he also designed more luxurious collections such as the Directional, Predictor Linear, and Perimeter Lines, his main target was the average American family of post World War II. His flexible and functional furniture designs successfully met the needs of the middle-class household.


Contempri Eclipse Dishes

Contempri Eclipse Dishes

Paul McCobb also designed a line of dinnerware called “Contempri” for Jackson Internationale, a subsidiary of Franklin China of Falls Creek, Pennsylvania. The Contempri line includes patters such as “Eclipse,” “Sparkler,” “Hopscotch,” and “Frost.” McCobb’s vintage furniture pieces are highly desirable among collectors, partially because there are currently no reproductions of Paul McCobb’s furniture made.

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  1. Jonathanon 28 Jul 2010 at 5:54 am

    Predictor and Linear were two separate and distinct design groups by Paul McCobb. Predictor started in 1951 and Linear in 1956.

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