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Rejuvenation’s New Mid Century Modern Inspired Light Fixtures

Have you been looking for the mid century modern hourglass shaped light fixtures? You may not have to look no further – On February 3, 2010, Rejuvenation is releasing “Hourglass Collection” as an addition to its popular Mid-Century Modern line.

Galaxy - Close Up

The Hourglass Collection features four handcrafted aluminum light fixtures: Galaxy, Asterix, Vektr, and Spektr. The design of these light fixtures were inspired by the 1959 Stockholm series from EJS Lighting Corporation. As most of you already know, these iconic hourglass shaped light fixtures were used in many residential and commercial buildings in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Galaxy in Dining Room

Rejuvenation has done an excellent job – these fixtures are not only historically accurate reproductions, but also customizable to fit your space. Check out their website to learn more about the Hourglass Collection at www.rejuvenation.com/hourglass

Product Pricing & Dimensions
Galaxy Chandelier: 28” in diameter, $399-$699
Asterix Chandelier: 22” in diameter, $379-$679
Spektr Single Wall Bracket 5-1/4” wide $129
Vektr Double Wall Bracket 11-1/2” wide $229

Photos: Courtesy of Rejuvenation

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  1. Nicoleon 03 Feb 2010 at 5:30 am

    Thanks for the great post. We (Rejuvenation) had to delay the release of these great new lights until February 11th. They’ll be on the website then.

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