Mid Century Modern

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Tips for Buying Mid Century Modern Furniture

Eames RockerMid century modern furniture are known for its simple, clean lines and organic shapes. It is sleek and elegant, yet functional. Whether collecting only the ones designed by a specific mid century designer or collecting anything that appeal to your eyes, it is always exciting to acquire furniture you love piece by piece. Here you will find some simple tips on buying mid century modern furniture.

  1. Know What You Want – Before you head to a store or shop online, be sure to know exactly what you are looking for. Do you have a particular designer or style in your mind? Do you want the vintage originals or licensed reproduction? Have some ideas on colors and materials that match your style and needs to achieve some sort of cohesiveness. You may also take the size and shape of your space into consideration to avoid cluttering the space. Keep it minimum – that’s what mid century modern is all about.
  2. Knowledge – Collect information on the pieces you are seeking. Invest on some books on mid century modern designs. You may also visit modern museums, galleries and shops.
  3. Identification – You must be able to identify and recognize an authentic piece to avoid wasting your money on a knockoff. Look for any labels and markings to identify its authenticity.
  4. Condition – Inspect the condition of the piece carefully. Expect normal wear and tear from the original pieces due to thier age and usage. If restoration is required, will you be able to restore without disturbing its integrity?
  5. Affordability – Many pieces, especially the vintage original one by the well-known designers can be pricey. Set a limit on what you want to spend. Buying a licensed reproduction is another option if you cannot afford the vintage piece. Also, don’t be afraid to haggle when making a purchase.
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