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Tips for Selling Your Mid Century Modern Furniture

Do you have an extra mid century modern couch sitting in your garage? Are you thinking about selling your mid century modern furniture you have now, so that you can upgrade with that extra cash? Are you moving to a smaller place and unable to fit all of your pieces? Whatever the reasons, here are some tips for selling your mid century modern furniture.


  • Do your homework – Know what you are selling. Try to find out the designer name, the manufacturer name, age of the piece, and a brief history of the piece. The potential buyer may ask for such information. Also find out the average market price of the particular/similar item to avoid overpricing/underpricing the piece.
  • Clean it up! – It’s normal for the used furniture to have some wear from its age and usage. However, if it’s dusty, dust it. If it has stains, try your best to remove it. Selling your furniture “as is” will give the potential buyer more reason to haggle.
  • Write a description – Provide detailed and accurate information about your furniture. Be sure to include measurements. Always check your spelling and grammar before you post it.
  • Include good quality pictures – Always include pictures with your post. Post multiple pictures from different angles. Include only the item you are selling in the pictures to avoid confusion. Also make sure the pictures are not blurred.
  • Be courteous – Return emails and phone calls of all inquiries. When the item sells, remove your posting. Email or call people who have inquired about your item and let them know the item has been sold.
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