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Where to Find Mid Century Modern Furniture

Eames Side Shell ChairNow you know what to look for when buying mid century modern furniture, you will need to know where to find your special mid century modern pieces. Always keep your eyes wide open – I’ve heard some stories about finding some of the most sought mid century modern furniture pieces at very unusual places, from a dumpster (no, I am not recommending you to go dumpster diving!) to someone’s front porch! Here is a list of places to find your mid century modern furniture with some tips.

  • Local Dealers/Stores (Brick and Mortar)
    One of the pros of buying local is that you can actually see and feel the pieces you are interested in before you buy. Also, there is no shipping and handling charges, as long as you haul the piece yourself. Be sure to buy from a reputable dealer. Their credential can be checked by contacting the Better Business Bureau if you are not sure.
  • Online Retailers
    Online stores offer a wide selection of mid century modern furniture. You may avoid paying sales tax if the retailer and its subsidiaries are located outside of your state. Shipping and handling charges can be high for an expensive, bulky item, but many online retailers do offer dollar off coupons and incentives such as free shipping. Be sure to sign up for your favorite online store’s mailing list to get informed about their money saving offers.
  • Auctions
    Check online auctions such as eBay regularly. Simply type in keywords and it will do the rest for you. Not all sellers know the correct terms for the title and description, so be creative with keywords when you search. Ask questions about the item before you place a bid. Be sure to check the terms/conditions and seller’s feedback before you place a bid. Also check your local auction houses. Most auction houses have websites, so you may be able to check the item before the auction day.
  • Yard/Estate Sales
    Check your local newspaper for yard/estate sales. You may find a big bargain if the owners have no idea of what they are selling.
  • Thrift Stores
    Do not underestimate thrift stores! That’s where most stuff will go when people just can’t get rid of it otherwise.
  • Classifieds/Online Marketplace
    Check your local newspaper. Check Craigslist as well. There are also online marketplaces such as Lushpad.com that specialize in the mid century modern and other vintage pieces.
  • People You Know
    Let your family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors know your love of mid century modern furniture. They may already have it in their house. Also, people often inherit mid century modern furniture. They may not just want to give it to random people because of its sentimental value. However, they may be willing to give/sell it to you if they know that you will take good care of it.
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    I found your blog on MSN Search. Nice writing. I will check back to read more.

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